Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whole Grain Cookie Monster

I just got back from the movie "Julie and Julia," put my kids to bed, and then laid down to go to sleep... when inspiration hit.  So, I got up and came down to the kitchen.  Went to the garage frig. and pulled out a bag of Golden Hard White Wheat (still in it's original whole kernal form).  At 11:30pm, I'm milling the grain into flour by pouring 2 cups of it into my VitaMix.  Only takes about 2 minutes to get hot fresh ground flour...full of all the good stuff (bran, germ, and endosperm).  Tonight I'll "soak" the grain overnight in the rest of it's ingredients to make a whole grain chocolate chip cookie tomorrow.  It's for my friend Gina's birthday.  Just use your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and substitute whole grain flour for white flour, and substitute a natural sweetener (like agave nectar or maple syrup or stevia) for the sugar and brown sugar in the recipe.  Specific quantities of sweetener are up to your taste buds.  Always use a good quality dark chocolate chip that does not contain any artificial ingredients or hydrogenated oils.  I like to spread the whole thing out on a pizza stone and bake it like a huge cookie monster size cookie.  It makes a great birthday "cake!" 

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Amy said...

My cookie turned out too thin, although it tastes GREAT! Therefore, more dry ingredients are needed. I'll try to add 1 c. oats next time. I'll keep ya posted.