Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Healthy Toe Nails

Hey, I have some personal good news to share! I didn't expect good results this fast, but my formerly ailing big toenails, which were literally decaying over the last 4 years from a persistent fungus, are now clearly healthy and about 75% grown-out. I am extremely excited about this progress. I wasn't so sure it would happen, and I certainly didn't expect it to happen this fast. I really didn't want to take the disgusting "before pictures" of my toe nails a couple months ago, but I felt like I should do it just in case I'd actually have an "after picture" to compare it to... and I do! Wow. Now, we'll see if it lasts. That's what I'm really interested in. Long-term health.

If anyone wants to hear about my total regiment with nail care and eating, I'd be happy to share it. It involves purchasing a couple little tools for scraping and exposing the infected nail bed in order to treat it with "Living Clay" each night. I also used peroxide for keeping the nail beds clean after scrapings about every 3 days. While wet from peroxide, I always went barefoot until the nail beds were dry. And I tried to "starve the fungus" by the anti-fungal diet suggested at By the way, this diet is also good for many many other health problems having to do with digestive issues, skin problems, mental health, yeast infections, etc... I think everyone loses weight on this diet, so just be aware of that. It's normal to lose weight when you eliminate starches and sugars.

For those of you who are familiar with the anti-fungal diet, I'm now on "Phase 2" which welcomes the addition of foods like beans and brown rice... yeah! I was really craving those wonderful foods. Still, no sugar, no milk, no mushrooms, no yeast, and no wheat, no corn, etc... No problem. I feel good. Whenever I go "off" phase 2 (maybe in a month) I will probably still eat sort-of like phase 2 because I just feel good on it... especially my stomach and digestion.

Yeah! Thank you God for healthy toe nails!!!!!!!

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