Friday, May 21, 2010


Here's what I'm into lately:
1. Organic grape tomatos. Wash 'em and leave on counter for easy access. Pop!
2. Fresh dark green salads w/ grape tomatos, cucumbers, and garlic hummus on top. Extra virgin olive oil and Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar for dressing.
3. Hard-boiled egg with Himalayan Crystal Salt... this high mineral salt rocks!
4. Grapefruit (sectioned) with Himalayan Crystal Salt. The salt cuts the tart and enhances the sweetness of the grapefruit.
5. Granny Smith apple cut-up and sprinkled with cinnamon. Eat with walnuts.
6. A bowl of whole yogurt (raw) with 5 drops chocolate stevia, thawed blueberries, and walnuts. Add any nuts and seeds for hearty texture and flavor. Amazing food.
7. Fresh-picked strawberries!!!! For dessert, serve with little chunks of dark chocolate.
8. Smoothies... berries and almond butter or dark greens.
9. Raw carrots every day! When in a hurry going out the door, throw carrots in a little paper lunch sack with a carrot peeler to peel fresh and pass out to the kids in between stops. Goes great with the whole hard-boiled eggs and salt... keep paper bag for egg shells and carrot peelings. Rinse both with a little splash of your drinking water (holding it out the car window for rinsing... while stopped). Hee, hee!
10. Pure water, water, water. Get a stainless steel thermos and keep filling it up!

Enjoy clean foods straight from the Creator Himself. Thanks for the snacks God!

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