Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Living within your means...

On Saturday, my empty sink spoke to me. This hasn't happened before. So it really got my attention. Ha! See, although I love making healthy foods, I get overwhelmed by the resulting mess and dishes. What to do? So, here's how the revelation started... I made spelt pecan waffles for breakfast and cleaned up every last dish and fork right away. This is out of character for me... who often leaves a lot of dishes here and there for the end of the night when, by that time, it's a serious discouraging pile-up that I'm forced to reckon with. So, on with my story. For lunch that day, I fired up the stove top and re-heated beans, rice, leftover duck (Christmas freezer) and took my hot pot outside to the back yard where Steve and the kids were building a snow fort. The kids loved our faux camping lunch, even "the one" who doesn't usually like beans. Must taste better with snow pants on! Anyway, when I trudged back up to the house with the empty pot and dirty cups and spoons, I came upon a completely clean sink which gave me such a surprised feeling of relief and energy to start the task that it spoke to me and said, "You're living with in your means." Huh! I needed that. I usually think of that phrase as pertaining to finances, but it is equally important to live with in our emotional and physical strength and energy "means" as well. Thank you God for talking through my sink.

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