Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rice Browns

Sort of like hash-browns, but rice instead. Soooo good! I got it from my new favorite magazine called "Clean Eating." You'll love it. Click the title of this blog entry to get linked up to it, or go to They show it served with Picadillo Chowder. I ate them for breakfast this morning, salted with celtic sea salt, and pecans. My little boy ate one with a bit of maple syrup. Here's the simple recipe:

Rice Browns

3/4 c. brown rice, already cooked (I used leftover rice from last night.)
2 egg whites

Gently combine rice and egg whites, with a fork. Put about 1/8 cup fulls of mixture into a hot skillet of coconut or olive oil (repeat until skillet is full of patties) and gently press down to make a flatter patty out of each one. Brown them on one side (4 min.) and then carefully flip over to brown the other side. Serve crispy and hot! Let me know what you think.

Snowy white beautiful day!

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