Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't fear it raw!

Pasteurization is a heating process which became mandatory in the 1920's when cows were raised in unclean conditions.  Due to good farming practices today, many farmers are committed to the health and wellness of the cows and people who drink milk, and therefore they offer the real thing... grass-fed organic whole cow's milk with no routine injections of antibiotics and no added hormones.  Hallelujah!  Shake it up each time you get it out of the frig. (no need for homogenization).  Ahhh, it's a wonderful thing!  And if you raise one eyebrow at the thought of it, then first try homemade icecream made with raw milk and raw cream and you'll feel better.  By the way, cows which are fed grass (little to no corn) have healthier digestion and are much less likely to get sick than cows that are fattened up with lots of pesticide-laden corn (cheap feed) and so the grass-fed cows don't require the antibiotics that corn-fed cows routinely get.  Still, the very thought of raw milk often goes way against the flow of modern society.  When I got free from that fear (after about 5 years of thinking about it), I finally just ventured out and bought it, and that felt really good... like I could think for myself and not rely on the government to tell me how to buy my food.    Some people call it "Real Milk" and some people call it "Raw Milk."  I'm here to say, it's good stuff!  We've been drinking it for over 3 years now with great satisfaction.  Because it tastes different from low-fat pasteurized milk, it takes some people awhile to get used to, but there are other people who quickly realize what they'd been missing all along.  The real thing.  I have so much more to say on the topic, but I'll end with this quote from a book called "Total Health Program" by Dr. Mercola:  "Pasteurization heats the milk to high enough temperatures to destroy microorganisms, good bacteria, live enzymes, vitamins, and the delicate 3-dimensional structure of the milk proteins.  It is a case of throwing out many babies with the bath water.  Milk pasteurization is a product of a bygone era, when controls were not in place for ensuring clean conditions for the cows, but the improved sanitation practices of the modern dairy industry have made pasteurization unnecessary."   Find out more at

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