Thursday, September 17, 2009

Local news

I was just at Miller's Natural Foods (located at 2888 Miller Lane, Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505) and was pleasantly surprised to find one of their excellent flours at a dollar cheaper than usual.  Fankferd Farms "Organic Unbleached White Flour With Wheat Germ Added" is now $6.56 which is more than a dollar less than the normal price.  It's not on sale; it's just the new price.  How cool.  And the "Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour" is only $4.76 ...both are the Frankferd Farms namebrand out of Valencia, PA.  It's nice to know that there's no pesticides in the wheat.  And by the way, if you might be a first time shopper at Miller's Natural Foods (totally worth the trip), here's a website from some guy who took pictures of their place and gave a nice overview including store hours and the fact that there's no electricity (Amish owned) and they only take cash or check.
When I asked the cashier why the price dropped, she said, "I don't know.  Maybe it means things are turning around."  I'm pretty sure she was talking about the economy.  Just down the same lane (Miller Lane), there is a farmer who sells raw milk, raw cream, raw whole milk yogurt, and many other great natural foods from his milk house.  If you're interested in visiting, let me know.  I'll end with a funny story from the milk house... Some time this past July, I was there ready to pay for my 4 dozen free-range chicken eggs, gallon of milk, & quart of cream, when I noticed that the eggs were about 20 cents less than usual per dozen.  When I asked the cashier why, she said with gladness, "Oh, the chickens are doing really good right now, so they have more eggs!"  What a transparent view of that farm's economy that day!  Shop at the farm... it's always more fun.

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