Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stir your peanut butter...

I grew up in a family of 5 (with 2 sisters plus my mom and dad) and for a year there were 6 of us with my foster sister.  We were a funny group because we all love to laugh at the randomness of life and each other.  There was never a shortage of comedy in my upbringing.  Now we are all grown up and live in our own homes, but I was visiting two different family members recently (who will remain nameless) and discovered that they both had a jar full of hard, dry, sad-looking, natural peanut butter in their refrigerators.  When I inquired, they both said that they had poured off that oily stuff on top and then put the peanut butter in the frig.  Oh my stars!  That's like squeezing an orange so you can eat what's left of the fruit after throwing away the juice.  They were just meant to be together.  Embrace the combination.  The peanut butter and peanut oil separate naturally while in the jar, so it's up to you to reunite them.  And it's very easy to stir room-temperature peanut butter the first time you open it (then stick it in the frig. and you won't have to stir it again).  I like Arrowhead Mills brand.  No sugar.  No salt.  Just smooshed peanuts.  Perfect.  If you're not already eating natural peanut butter, then give your palette a chance to adjust to the pure flavor... it won't take long.  Add a little raw honey to your peanut butter sandwich for a while if you're interested in weaning off of of the sugar brands.  And if you have a jar of dry orphaned oil-less peanut butter in your frig., just bring it up to room temperature and then stir in some oil (like peanut oil or olive oil).  Works great!

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