Monday, February 1, 2010

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Hi!  I don't usually do two posts in one day, but today is different.  Why?  In honor of chocolate covered strawberries... that's why.  I saw the Valentine sign outside Byer's Butterflake Bakery today which advertised this ingenious combination of foods, and so I got curious as to what I could do with my Costco bag full of frozen strawberries and dark Wilbur chocolate bar.  I put 20 rock hard strawberries on a baker's cooling rack with a paper towel underneath, let them drip and thaw, patted them with a paper towel lightly, and then dipped them in melted dark chocolate (made by double boiler).  Promptly put into frig. and enjoy after 10 minutes of cooling & hardening time.  You end up with great looking and tasting morsels but keep a napkin handy because the center is very soft and juicy.
P.S.  I didn't add anything to the chocolate... I just melted it slowly stirring constantly.  Easy!


Nickname unavailable said...

I was thinking of making these choco covered strawberries for a vegan friend and so was curious if Dark Chocolate contained milk. Apparently, that's kind of its definition, the chocolate without milk, though it contains added sugar and "added fat" according to Wikipedia. Don't know what that means exactly. I had fun dipping the strawberries with you at my "birthday" party last year. kelly

Amy said...

You're right, most chocolate contains milk or milkfat or some derivation of dairy. I think I'll try dipping frozen blueberries next. That will be fun to pop "down the hatch" because they are so small. Love you!