Thursday, February 18, 2010

New "Amish Farmer's Market at Meadowbrook" in Leola

Today is opening day at a new farmer's market in Leola!  It's on Rt. 23 right across the street from Dunkin Donuts.  I went this morning... and I loved it.  They have food from God there!  You can find anything from junk food to whole food.  Local people own these farms and businesses. The two stands I liked the best were the produce stand and the organic grass-fed meat stand called "Country Meadows Farms."

Amish Farmer's Market at Meadowbrook Hours and Address below 

Thursday & Friday - 7am to 7pm

Saturday - 7am to 3pm


345 West Main Street
Suites 220 & 230 
Leola, PA 17540
(717) 656-6714


livingston6 said...

Loved the new market... thanks for posting this! I would never have known about it.

Amy said...

You're welcome. I feel the same way.