Saturday, May 16, 2009


After drinking 2 bottles of water in the morning, I'm ready for a hearty breakfast.  Right now, it's almost midnight and I'm about to put some steel-cut oats into a container of water to soak overnight. It's a simple step which gets rid of the phytic acid in the grain (oats) and that makes for much healthier digestion and absorption of nutrients.  This applies to all whole grains and whole grain flours.  Tomorrow morning, I'll pour the oats and water into a little pot, add some celtic sea salt, and cook them.  We like to top the hot oats with a little maple syrup and raw whole milk.  I sometimes add unsulphered unsweetened shredded coconut and pecans.  Delicious! My family's other favorite breakfasts are scrambled eggs made from free-range pasteur-fed chickens and grapefruit.  Every Saturday, my kids call it "Daddy Pancake Day!"  They line up for these awesome homemade pancakes made by dad from fresh-ground flours (soaked overnight in yogurt) and 6 eggs, etc... high-protein pancakes!   My other favorite breakfasts might be a leftover sweet potato with butter or a bowl of hot homemade chicken broth with cheese or buttered whole-grain toast.  Thank you God for good food!

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