Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hi everyone,
This is my first time blogging.  Feels kinda revealing.  But I guess it's only revealing if someone reads it.  Ha!  I'm starting this blog because God is good and God is love, and I'm really excited about how He loves us in and through our bodies ...which He says are temples that house His presence.  Wow!  Feel that?!  I'm feeling the love all over again!  In my 37 years, I have been blessed by the love of my family and friends... with out ever having to go through a period of time when love was totally withheld from me.  My kids (ages 3,5,7) have endless love, as all kids do, for their mommy.  And I am captivated by their cuteness... every day!  Still, I have never felt so loved as I have when God has graced me with His healing, delivering, and saving presence.  That's it.  His presence.  Once it was in the form of a revelation of scripture (John 16:14) while I was reading alone and realized Jesus was speaking to me.  I wept for an hour in His presence.  Another time, I felt giddy with love when a blood test result showed a physical healing in my body.  I ran around the house laughing hysterically and praising God.  And another time was when I got free from an eating disorder (after 7 years of chronic over-eating) and felt the peace that passes all understanding.  There is nothing like it!  And while I was stuck in the prison of compulsive over-eating, I vowed that if I ever got out, I would help other people get out.  With the help of my husband Steve (who fears no whole food) there has been a huge change in my life from being annoyed by any food outside of a bag, box, or can... to being totally energized by the life-giving properties of whole foods. I used to feel soothed and calmed by large quantities of unhealthy processed junk foods... but the comfort was deceiving because after a sharp spike in my blood sugar, the depressing rush of stomach aches, fatigue, head aches, chest pains, and daily emotional confusion, I was NOT feelin' the love... just the addiction.  I thank God that He delivered me from that day-in and day-out slavery.  And now I'm a little crazy about the miracle of a seed growing into a food and all the good stuff that comes from realizing that God does all things well.  I actually feel loved by God whenever I look at a fresh-picked strawberry, or a bowl of fresh-milled whole wheat flour, or a vine heavy with snap peas, or an array of colorful vegetables at farmer's markets.  And so I'm here to share the love.  While raising my kids, I wanted them to know the difference between processed food and whole food, so we started breaking it down into two simple categories of either man-made or God-made foods ...which we now call "God food."  That's how the name came about.  At my house, we get pumped up about "God food" and even celebrate it when the spirit moves.  Like yesterday, Steve cut the very first stalk of asparagus from our garden, and so I stuck it into a big wedge of watermelon, while my kids and I pretended it was a birthday cake with an asparagus candle on top.  We sang "Happy Birthday" to the asparagus (there was much giggling), we promptly bit off the "candle" (each one had a bite),  and then polished off the watermelon.  It was sweet fun!  I'll be sharing recipes and thoughts here... and I look forward to readying your's! 

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