Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pure water in the morning... and all day long!

Here's to your health!  Try this:  before you eat breakfast in the morning, drink 2 bottles of pure refreshing (room temp.) spring water.  Add lemon if you like.  After fasting all night, this re-hydrates your body and feels great!  It is very cleansing, and clears your mind to make the right decision about a healthy breakfast.  Clears your digestive tract too.
Your body can go for a long time with out food, but not with out water. We are sick with out it.  I sometimes get migraine headaches, but when I drink water at the first sign of the headache, it greatly diminishes the intensity.  This makes sense when you remember that our bodies are largely made up of water.  Your body is absolutely craving it.  In a big way.  Not sugar-water.  Your body is not made up of sugar.  Just drink pure refreshing water.  I know, it seems too simple to be true.  But it's a beautiful truth.  

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