Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tried it. Love it!

I finally got it right... the sprouted buckwheat raw brownie recipe from the last post, and they are delicious! Mind you, I haven't eaten any grains for 3 weeks, so my taste buds are appreciating anything resembling a grain. (It's what I miss most on this anti-fungal diet, but it's temporary.) Buckwheat is technically a seed. I love recipes using whole foods made by God. The taste of living foods, like fresh-sprouted seeds, is incomparable to anything else. It's bursting with energy in motion passed on to you. With sprouts, you can have fresh grown food any time of the year on your counter top. Sprouted buckwheat can be used in a salad, or by itself for a snack, or combined with kefir in the food processor as a cream of wheat cereal, or mixed into a flat bread recipe, or dehydrated as kasha for cereal or sprouted buckwheat flour. Here's a link showing you how to sprout buckwheat:

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