Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where do I start?

When I hear people asking that question, I often just nod in agreement, 'cuz I know the feeling. If I'm going to make any major change in my life in any area, there are probably good things to look forward to, but it's still inherently stressful because it's change. Nevertheless, persevere! Here are a few thoughts that helped me to start a healthier life:
1. Throw away or give away unexpired unhealthy processed foods. Clean house with confidence! Fill up a whole big black trash bag. Clear your mind. Start over.
2. Reserve your valuable frig. and cupboard space for nutrient-dense foods only.
3. When you go to social functions, bring a healthy snack to share with everyone.
4. Keep a constant stock of apples and carrots in your frig. year round. Buy the big bags.
5. Join forces with a friend. Rotate shopping for one another at the farm market each week.
6. Try one new recipe every week that involves lots of fresh vegetables. Thoroughly wash by submersion in water and drying (or spinning), chopping, etc.
7. Wash your big pots, pans, food processor as you go. Leave the plates, cups, silverware for last. Enlist the whole family to help in the kitchen.
8. Learn the simple skill of properly preparing whole grains. Start by soaking rolled oats overnight in water before cooking. There is a world of better nutrition in this simple step.
9. Start eating unsweetened plain whole milk yogurt (raw if possible) and if it's too tart for you, mix in some stevia or honey and blueberries and nuts. Use less and less sweetener as your taste buds adjust. Mix in the "Dora yogurt" or whatever sugary stuff your kids are used to as they are adjusting to plain yogurt too.
10. Get organic pasture-fed meats, butter, milk, chickens, eggs, etc. That's how God intended the animals to eat; and through them, we get major nutrition from these clean animal proteins.
11. When you need a break from the whole thing, take one day off and label it a "Grandma day" when you pretend you're the Grandma instead of the mom... and have fun!!!!


Anonymous said...


I really enjoy all your posts and I get alot of great ideas from you.
Where do you buy grass fed butter and chicken and eggs? I have found grass fed meat at lancaster central market and New Holland market. I seem to have trouble finding butter, eggs, chicken and yorgurt.

Amy said...

Hi Tracy
Thanks so much! You're not the only one who has trouble finding those things, so I'll make it my next post.
Thanks for writing!