Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where to buy...

Here's where I buy things. If you have any questions, let me know.

Where to buy pasture-fed chicken, eggs, pork, and beef:

Country Meadows Farms located at Lancaster Central Market and Leola Amish Farmer’s Market at 324 W. Main St., Leola, PA 17540 open 7-7 on Thurs. and Fri.; and 7-3 Sat.

Where to buy pasture-fed chicken, eggs, beef, butter, and raw milk:

Expressly Local located at 213 W. King St. across from McDonald’s on King St.

“Eberly Poultry” is free-range and sold at Stauffer’s in Lititz and I’ve seen it at Lancaster Central Market at the Carr’s stand as well as “Expressly Local”.

Where to buy organic raw butter, raw cream, raw cottage cheese, raw sour cream, raw milk, raw cheese, pasture-fed eggs, grass-fed beef, etc…

Life Enhancing Acres located at 2931 Miller Lane, Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505, phone number 717-768-7613. No website. No Sunday sales. No credit cards.

For a list of a bunch more places to buy in PA, check out this website:


Anonymous said...


Thank you for that post. One more question if I may. I made your Birds seeds bars last night. They are so yummy. Should I have soaked the rolled oats prior to making these? And should I be soaking anything in the recipe before assembling the bars?
I hope posting this way is okay. I don't have a facebook or google account.

Amy said...

Hi Tracy
This way of posting is great! And, oh... great question. No need to soak the ingredients any more than what the batter itself attains. I was always confused by this word "soaking" because I would envision a bowl of water soaking the grains or nuts or seeds. I learned from a master bread-baker (who just attended a conference on the proper preparation of grains) that if you have the oats in a batter or whatever wet ingredients they are in, it's enough to neutralize the phytic acid... which is the goal. So, there's no need to do any further soaking above and beyond what the wet ingredients already provide. Hope that makes sense. Glad you enjoy the bird seed bars!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for these helpful suggestions. This is just what we were discussing after watching Food Inc. tonight...a frightening but motivating movie! We are going to go to Expressly Local asap.

Jonathan Daughtrey