Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's the simple things...

Today was so beautiful. Wow. Everything about it. I folded laundry outside on a blanket on my driveway while I watched the kids "wash" my car in their swim suits. Then I made a really simple lunch for my them... free-range chicken breast with celtic sea salt and sauted in a couple tablespoons of coconut oil. I cut it up and dabbed with some almost melted sweet cream butter (grass-fed, free of added hormones, etc.). And ya know, I never put butter on chicken before. I guess the simple combination of the coconut oil, salt, natural chicken juices, and butter made it taste like a really special sauce. They licked the platters clean. I also gave them a little pile of raw spinach and thawed some blueberries to mix into plain whole raw milk yogurt with a couple drops of liquid stevia (vanilla creme flavor). The kids loved stirring those soft blueberries into the white yogurt and watching it all turn very very purple. This entire meal was fine for me to eat as well (as I'm avoiding starches, sugars, yeasts, etc. for awhile). There was so much good flavor left in my cast iron pan after we ate chicken, that I had to turn the flame back on the stove and throw in some spinach and tomato pieces just to soak up the juices (or "the love," as some chefs call it) and that was the best sauted spinach I ever had. Have a simply wonderful weekend!


Jeane` said...

Sounds delightful!
"Celtic" Sea salt?? I thought my raw sea salt was good enough...but Celtic sounds so much more cultured. :)

Amy said...

I haven't done a lot of research on sea salts, but a trusted doctor told me that Celtic Sea Salt has a higher mineral content than most other sea salts. Thanks for writing!